Hope Pledge

We have another daughter! Praise God for Nadia Gisele! Born March  10, 2020 at 6:29am. She weighed exactly 7 pounds and was 20 inches long. She looks so much like her big sister Marian! (Pictured Below: #1 is Marian as a newborn, #2 is Nadia as a newborn).

From the time Marian turned 9 months old, we began trying to conceive a second child. Both John and I have siblings who are within 18 months apart from us in age and we desired for Marian to also experience growing up with a sibling close in age. It took us about the same amount of time to get pregnant the second time as it did the first: 7 months. Unlike the first time around, I didn’t obsess over my fertility signs. I’d learned my lesson that God was in control and His timing was perfect. So we prayed often that He would give Marian a sibling, but there wasn’t devastation and heartache when my period came month after month this time. In fact, when I did get pregnant, I waited an extra week or two before taking a pregnancy test, just because I had peace and wasn’t super anxious one way or the other. But when we did finally conceive, we praised and thanked God together for another answer to prayer; another blessing. John’s exact words to the news was, “Praise the Lord!”


Again we desired to keep our baby’s gender a surprise. It’s one more thing to look forward to at the end of the pain and difficulty of childbirth. But that means we had to agree on two different names for our baby (which proved to be more challenging this time around).

It took nearly the full 9 months of pregnancy to agree on a female first name, but from the beginning we knew we wanted to give her my deceased Memere’s name, Gisele as a middle name, which means “pledge.” It is an honor to have a daughter share my Memere’s name. She was a godly woman who wholeheartedly sought and loved the Lord and genuinely loved those around her. We pray our daughter will follow in her footsteps.

My dad with his mother’s namesake, Nadia Gisele

Nadia, meaning “hope”, is what we finally settled on for her first name. As we prayed and waited for His answer for another baby, our hope was placed firmly in Him. He gave us peace and helped us trust His timing completely.

received_249694989375721In a day and age where there is so much hopelessness, we pray Nadia will spread the hope of Jesus Christ everywhere she goes. John Piper says, “Biblical hope not only desires something good for the future- it expects it to happen.” May our daughter be committed to true Biblical hope in God, especially in our increasingly godless society. May her life point others to hope in the Lord, as well.




So there you have it: another testimony to God’s goodness and faithfulness. He is trustworthy and worthy to be praised!

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