December Goals

My goal for December is to become more content [experience and acknowledge the sufficiency of God’s provision] by enjoying every moment with my husband, noting two things I like about my body every week, fasting from pinterest, blogs, and magazines, cutting my grocery bill in half, and giving generously. I will use a calendar to keep track of my daily progress.  

  1. Faith- (I) Memorize and meditate upon appropriate verses, (II) Pray every day that God would help me be content in every circumstance, (III) Pray for those less fortunate than myself, and (IV) Weekly meditate on the fact God owns everything.
  2. Marriage– (I) Enjoy him (cuddle time, hugs, etc.).
  3. Health- (I) Continue gratitude journal, and (II) Look in the mirror and note one thing I like about it 2X per week.
  4. Homemaking- (I) Avoid pinterest, blogs, magazines, etc. that will encourage me to compare myself to others, and (II) Freeze grocery spending ($140 for whole month) and use up pantry and freezer items this month.
  5. Interactions– (I) Give generously ($140 to those in need from normal grocery budget).

What are your goals for the month of December?


Let me know what you think

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