My Goals for August

Focus for August = GENTLENESS

My goal for August is to become a gentler person [to show restraint coupled with strength and courage] by serving those whom the world deems “below” me, bearing offenses without complaint, allowing John to lead, and by daily stretching my muscles. I will use a calendar to keep track of my daily progress.

  1. Faith- Memorize and meditate upon 3 appropriate verses about gentleness each week, pray daily that God would make me a gentle person, and meditate upon Christ’s gentleness weekly.
  2. Marriage– Overlook minor offenses and allow John to lead in our marriage (by not questioning or micromanaging him, not telling him how to drive, etc.)
  3. Health- Stretch muscles daily and reward myself with a small indulgence once a week (things like stevia-sweetened chocolate, zevia soda, extra reading time, etc.)
  4. Homemaking- Don’t consider any household task “below” me or a waste of time, take on tasks that John usually performs, and tackle a home project I’ve been putting off for years (… cleaning our back porch).
  5. Interactions– Serve somebody the world considers “below” me each week and bear all offenses without complaint.
  6. Books to Read- There were several books I wasn’t able to finish during July, so the books I hope to read in the month of August are as follows:
  • Boundaries in Marriage (Cloud & Townsend)
  • The Relationship Cure (John Gottman)
  • The Normal Christian Life (Watchman Nee)
  • Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ (John Piper)


What goals do you hope to accomplish this month?





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