My Goals for June

Focus for June = GOODNESS

My goal for June is to exhibit more goodness [moral excellence; upright conduct] by filling my mind with morally good things, saving more money in order to give to needy families, smiling at strangers, and being friendlier at church. I will use a calendar to keep track of my daily and weekly progress.

  1. Faith- Memorize and meditate upon 3 appropriate verses about goodness per week, ask God daily to fill me with His goodness, listen to Christian music daily, and think about at least one morally good thing every single day this month.
  2. Marriage– Commit to pray for John and our marriage at least 15 minutes every day and serve him in at least one way per day without expecting a “thank-you.”
  3. Health- Practice being “good” on my medical diet by eating only anti-inflammatory foods this month.
  4. Homemaking- Chop my grocery bill by $80 in order to bless others with the money I save.
  5. Interactions– Smile at one or more strangers per day and practice being friendlier and more outgoing at Church functions. 
  6. Books to Read- This is a new category, but to hold myself accountable, I want to share the books I hope to read throughout the month of June:


  • The Normal Christian Life, by Watchman Nee
  • The Genius of Generosity, by Chip Ingram
  • 31 Days to a Happy Husband, by Arlene Pellicane
  • Knowing God, by J.I. Packer
  • Grain Brain, by David Perlmutter, M.D.
  • Cooking by Color, by Trish Davies


What are your goals for the month of June?


Let me know what you think

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