26 Practical Steps to a Healthier You: Take a Vitamin D3 supplement Daily {Week 23}

For the next 26 weeks I will be sharing a different way you can become healthier in your daily life. Some of these suggestions have to do with food or exercise, others have to do with lifestyle changes, but all of them are practical and relatively easy to execute. You may already be practicing some of these habits, but hopefully you’ll be inspired by at least one or two new ideas you can begin to implement.

Take a vitamin D3 supplement daily

Very few foods have enough vitamin D to supply the amount your body needs daily. Vitamin D is different from other vitamins, because it is a steroid hormone that is primarily obtained through exposure to the sun rather than through diet. Leading vitamin D researcher, Dr. Michael Holick, estimates that about 50% of our general population is at risk for vitamin D deficiency. Being low on vitamin D gives you a 40% greater chance of becoming ill. It’s also been linked with greater muscle weakness.

Doctors usually recommend 1,000 international units of Vitamin D daily.

Feeling “blue”: In one study, researchers found that individuals with the lowest levels of vitamin D were 11 times more likely to report feeling depressed than those who had healthy vitamin D levels.
You’re Overweight: “Vitamin D is a fat-soluble, hormone-like vitamin, which means body fat acts as a “sink” by collecting it.”1 The more body fat you have, the more vitamin D your body needs.
Joint Pain: Dr. Holick says, “vitamin D deficiency causes a defect in putting calcium into the collagen matrix into your skeleton.” This causes pain in the joints, which is often misdiagnosed by many doctors.
Excessive sweating: This is a common, early symptom of not have enough vitamin D. Do you often have sweaty palms? You may be lacking sufficient amounts of vitamin D.
Gut Issues: Gastrointestinal issues that affect your body’s ability to absorb fat may also prevent your body from absorbing enough vitamin D. Do you have IBS, celiac disease, crohn’s disease or some other gastrointestinal issue? If so, it may be impacting your vitamin D levels, as well.
Bleeding Gums: Do your gums bleed every time you brush them, despite maintaining a good health regimen? Believe it or not, this may be a symptom of vitamin D deficiency. I have a friend who resolved this very issue by taking a vitamin D supplement through the winter months and being sure to get enough sunlight in the summer.

-Prevents chronic disease
-Cuts susceptibility to cancer in half
-Supports optimal health
-Fights infections like colds and flus
-Aids in detoxification (to support liver function)

So what are you waiting for? This is a simple habit to pick up that will improve your life significantly. Go get your vitamin D3 supplements today!

Let me know if you notice a difference!



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