Love Language Challenege {Week 4}

Serving your spouse is a privilege! Do you believe it? This past week I had a blast finding ways I could bless my husband through acts of service. Even the little things can make a difference in your marriage. Never underestimate the power of serving your spouse.


Day #1: Take out the trash and recycling.
I’ve assumed most of the household duties since I only work part-time, half the year and my husband works long hours away from home. But trash and recycling is one of those chores that he often does for me. The past few months I have been collecting it and setting it by the door so he can put it in the trash can upon coming home from work. But this week I decided to bring it out myself so he wouldn’t have to worry about it at all. He thanked me several times for doing it for him, so he was clearly very appreciative that I did this chore for him.

Is there a chore your husband usually does at your house? Do you think he’d appreciate you doing it for him this week?

Day #2: Make myself attractive for John.
Admittedly, after being married nearly 5 years you tend to forget about the early days of your relationship when you “dressed to impress.” Often I will only consciously make myself attractive when I am going out in public. But aren’t I supposed to look my best for my husband? Why does he merely get to see the frumpy side of me, while the rest of the world sees me at my best? Of course, there is something to be said about your spouse loving and accepting you for who you are, no matter what you look like, but does that mean I should cease looking nice for him while I’m at home? I’ve heard it said (by a man) that it is important for a husband to have an attractive wife. If this is true (and I believe it is), I want to be sure my husband finds me attractive. Which means I need to make more of an effort when I stay home all day long.

This week I invested in some toiletries and took the time to put on mascara. Even though I rarely wear makeup, my husband didn’t really notice a difference when I put it on. I had to kind of fish for a compliment, but I think he appreciated the extra effort I made (once he realized I had put extra effort in).

Are you willing to put in some extra effort this week to make yourself look nice for your husband? Go back to your dating days, when you always dressed to impress.

Day #3: Shovel the driveway.
It happened to snow this week, so I was able to bless my husband by shoveling the driveway before he returned from work. I had to use self-control and not bring up the fact I had done this for him, but he did eventually notice (the next morning) and thanked me. I know there have been several occasions when he has returned home from work this past winter and has been relieved to find the driveway already shoveled. It’s usually not too big of an effort or time-commitment for me, but it is a huge blessing to him not to have to worry about it when he’s returned from a long day of work.

When was the last time you shoveled the driveway so your husband wouldn’t have to? Would he appreciate such a gesture?

Day #4: Do all of his laundry.
This is a chore I do every week, but I happened to do it on his day off on this particular week. Often he will put his own clothes away if he’s home when I do the laundry, but I made sure to fulfill this responsibility myself this time. It’s nice when he can have the day off and truly feel like it’s a day off for him.

What can you do to bless your husband on his day(s) off this coming week?

Day #5: Tidy up his nightstand.
I have been noticing that his nightstand next to our bed has been cluttered, lately, so I took it upon myself to tidy it up for him. I don’t know if clutter bothers him as much as it does me, but seeing my personal space neat and tidy gives me a sense of satisfaction. He never said anything about this, but I had determined beforehand not to toot my own horn and point any acts of service out to him in order to receive praise in return. Even if it didn’t make his day, seeing a tidy nightstand makes me happy every time I enter our room.

Does your husband have a bad habit of leaving his dirty clothes lying on the floor? If so, why not determine this week to pick it up for him without complaint? Is there anything else you can clean for him this week without fishing for gratitude? Determine to serve your husband in that way this week.

Day #6: Do the dishes without his help and/or complaint.
Even with a dishwasher I still have a fair number of dishes to do by hand. It’s NOT my favorite chore and might be the number one thing I complain about. Unfortunately I did complain once or twice about the huge pile of dishes on our counter this past week, but I did end up doing them without asking for his help. I’m sure it was a relief for him to come home from work and see the mess cleaned up.

Is there a chore you complain about doing week after week? Do your husband a favor and don’t complain about it this coming week. Ceasing from complaints will be a service in itself.

Day #7: Make him a special meal and dessert.
Since this was Valentine’s Day weekend, I decided to put extra effort into making him a special meal (and even dessert). John and I rarely eat sweets (and when we do they’re sugar-free). I hardly ever make dessert. Sometimes I’ll make a batch of cookies and we’ll munch on them over the course of a week, but to make a dessert that will only last one night is unheard of in our household. Needless to say, John was quite pleased when I announced that we’d be having Cinnamon Maple Apple Crumble after our meal of Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo.

Does your husband have a favorite meal? What about a favorite dessert? Can you serve him this week by taking the extra effort to prepare it for him?

Need more ideas? Here are a few for various seasons of the year:

-Wash, dry, and put away all the dirty dishes.
-Vacuum the entire house without complaint.
-Make his lunch for him.
-Scrub the tub clean.
-Clean the entire bathroom from top to bottom.
-Dust every room in the house.
-Serve him breakfast in bed.
-If it’s cold, defrost the car for him before work.
-Shovel the driveway (if there’s snow) or mow the lawn.
-Take note of a chore he dreads and do it for him.
-At random times, interrupt what he’s doing or about to do and tell him, “let me do that for you.”
-During the cold months, put a towel in the dryer while your spouse is showering so it’s all fluffy and warm when he gets out.
-If he showers and/or changes clothes when coming home from work, lay out clean clothes, a towel, and a wash cloth for him.
-Make him coffee or tea in the morning before he heads to work.
-Clean his car (inside and out).
-Fill his gas tank.

In what ways do you serve your husband?


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