Love Language Challenge {Week 1}

Are you ready to launch into the first week of the Love Language Challenge? Here’s what I did for my husband and how he responded. Week number one focuses “Gifts.”

Week #1: Gifts

 Day #1: Purchase him ice cream (his favorite dessert!).
My husband had just remarked how his favorite dessert was ice cream the night before I gave him this gift. So needless to say, he was pleasantly surprised. Since I can’t eat ice cream I don’t purchase it very often, so it’s always a welcome treat for him when I do buy it.

What is your husband’s favorite dessert? Is there a treat you haven’t purchased or made for him in a while that he really enjoys? Take note of these things and then bless your hubby with a special dessert.

Day #2: Purchase him A&W Root beer (his favorite beverage!).
I NEVER buy soda, so this was a special treat for my husband. This gift wasn’t super subtle, though, because I had just asked him a week before what his favorite brand of root beer was (I always get Muggs and A&W mixed up). He has been taking steps to eat healthier lately, so after receiving ice cream and soda two days right after the other, he remarked how I was making things difficult for him.

Does your husband have a favorite beverage? This is a gift that should cost under $3 and a good way to tell your husband, “When I was out shopping I thought of you and got you this.” I remember when my husband worked at a gas station and brought home a new beverage he thought I’d enjoy. I loved the fact he was thinking about me while at work and his gift was a tangible evidence of it.

Day #3: Purchase him shaving cream.
Having started a new job that requires him to be clean shaven, my husband remarked recently that he was going to need to start using shaving cream again. I took note of this and got him some the next time I was at the grocery store. I delayed giving him it until this week for the love language challenge. It turns out he already had some shaving cream in our medicine cabinet, but he appreciated the thought and he’ll eventually use the stuff I bought him.

What immediate needs or wants does your husband have? Is there anything small you could purchase him that wouldn’t break the bank? Pay attention to the next time he says, “It’d be nice if I had…” or “I need…” and write these items down in a “gift idea” journal. I did this recently for my sister when her birthday was drawing near. It’s especially helpful if you shop with your loved ones because they’ll often see something and remark absentmindedly, “I want one of these.”

Day #4: Purchase him new writing utensils (pens).
I was surprised at how enthusiastic my husband was about this gift. He had told me a couple weeks before that eventually he wanted to purchase new pens to look more professional in his field, but he didn’t want to spend the money right now. So I took it upon myself to spend the money for him. Again, listening to his needs and wants is key to becoming a good gift giver.

What item would your husband gladly receive as a gift but is reluctant to spend money on himself? If your budget allows for it, why don’t you purchase it for him ? (Keep a gift receipt just in case).

Day #5: Send him a gift card to subway in the mail.
My husband was probably the most grateful for this gift. I found out later it was the first piece of mail he’d ever received at his work office. I was especially pleased about that. The reason I chose subway was because my dad had found a Subway gift card once and given it to John, not aware that it was empty, and John was very disappointed when he found out. Being the frugal man he is, John didn’t end up purchasing the meal he had so eagerly anticipated. (The only time either of us spend money on meals outside of our home is once a month on our date night). So, I surprised him with a special treat to eat out. The other reason I chose Subway was because you can get a decent, relatively healthy meal that fills you up for cheap. Not to mention, their food is delicious!

Does your husband have a favorite fast food restaurant? Or maybe there is another store in which he’d love to receive a gift card for. Or, if you really can’t spare $5, make your own coupon for something you know your husband would appreciate. Some ideas are as follows:

“One coupon to watch one full sporting event without interruption or complaint.”

“One coupon for one long, knock-you-off-your-feet kiss.”

“One coupon for one dessert made upon request.”

“One coupon for one hour of uninterrupted free time.”

“One coupon good for ________ (fill in the blank).”

Day #6: Give him a framed picture of the two of us for his work desk.
This didn’t cost me any money since I have several framed pictures of us around the house, already. I just took one off the shelf and wrapped it up for him. To be honest, it was more a gift for myself, since I insisted he needed a picture of me on his desk.

Is there a creative gift you could send your husband to work with? It could even be as simple as writing “I love you” in a banana peel and giving it to him for his lunch. Do you share an inside joke? If so, give him something that only he would appreciate and/or understand. Or maybe he doesn’t yet have a picture of you for his wallet. Give him whatever will remind him of you when you’re not present.

Day #7: Purchase him a chocolate bar.
I actually got him two chocolate bars. I wrapped a ribbon around them and set it on his plate before our brunch. He ate both on the same day (despite having scolded me earlier in the week for buying him unhealthy treats)! Everyone says you shouldn’t get in the way of a woman and her chocolate, but my husband most certainly fits into that category, too! This is one of those gifts I give more often than any other. I actually have a “stockpile” of candy that I keep and give him throughout the year, usually with a romantic note.

Does your husband have a favorite candy bar? Or if he’s not a chocolate lover, what is his favorite kind of candy? You could even buy individually wrapped candies and hide them around the house, telling him there are X number more once he finds the first one. I did that once and he loved it!

Need more ideas? Here are a few for various seasons of the year:

-Make a “coupon” book for your spouse.
-Buy him something he’s wanted but has been holding off on.
-Buy a bag of individually wrapped candies and hide them around the house. Once he’s found the first one tell him there are X number more hiding.
-Purchase him a new Bible or devotional.
-Surprise him with tickets to a sporting event.
-Purchase some lingerie and model it for him.
-Make him a video of all the pictures you have taken together.
-Purchase him a book or magazine.

What have you given to your husband as a gift in the past? Leave a comment below.


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