Introducing the Love Language Challenge

In the coming weeks I will be launching an experiment. I will be intentionally showing love to my husband in five different ways for five weeks.

If you’re not familiar with The Five Love Languages, it’s a popular book by Gary Chapman that has greatly impacted hundreds of marriages. I highly recommend the book. Chapman’s premise is that we all have a primary language in which we receive love the best. Some feel most loved when they are given gifts, others when acts of service are performed for them. Still others feel the most love when they receive physical touch from their loved ones or when they are affirmed with words. Then there are also those who need quality time in order to feel loved.

Which do you most resonate with? What do you think your spouse enjoys most? If you’re not sure, join me in this challenge to show love to your spouse in all five ways. By the end, you’re bound to know their primary love language!

Week #1: Gifts

I will be giving my husband one gift per day throughout the week and will let you know how he responded and how it affected our marriage. I’ll also give you some suggestions for your own gift giving.

Week #2: Words of Affirmation

I will be showering my husband with a variety of words of affirmation and refraining from all negative comments. I’ll provide you with some ideas on how you can bless your husband with your words and I’ll update you on how my week goes and what I notice throughout.

Week #3: Quality Time

I will plan one special activity to share with my husband throughout the week and record how he enjoys each one. I’ll offer suggestions on various ways you can spend quality time with your spouse, as well.

Week #4: Acts of Service


I will be intentionally focusing on serving my husband throughout this week, doing at least one act of service per day. I will take note of how he responds and how it seems to affect my own marriage. I’ll also provide some practical tips on ways you can serve your own husband.

Week #5: Physical Touch

My focus this week will be finding ways to touch my husband lovingly. I’ll share ideas and report on how my husband responds throughout the week.


So are you ready? Are you willing to intentionally spend the next 5 weeks showing love to your husband?


Let me know what you think

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