Dating Your Spouse: 196 Activity Ideas {Week 27}

Researchers found that after couples experienced a double-date, the participants reported having stronger feelings for their own partners. Below are some ideas you can try with another couple this week.
183. Volunteer at a local homeless shelter.
I did this weekly in college and found immense satisfaction in talking to and serving the residents. Serving side by side with your spouse is bound to knit you closer together as a couple.
184. Take dance lessons together.
Try ballroom, Swing, the Waltz, or line dancing. This may be more time-consuming and costly, but will be well worth the investment!
185. Attend a professional sporting event.
This will be a bit costly, but if you plan ahead you will have time to save up for a special outing that your hubby is bound to appreciate and enjoy.
186. Visit an animal shelter.
If you are animal lovers, this is the perfect activity for you to share with your spouse. Just be sure you don’t get suckered into bringing one home (unless agreed upon beforehand).
187. Create a mall scavenger hunt for yourselves.
Spend time creating a list of objects to locate and then set off on your adventure. Time yourselves to see how quickly you can check items off your list. If you’re competitive, keep track of who finds what first. If you do this with another couple, determine a time to meet back together and see who can find the most objects in the allotted period of time. Losers treats the winners to shakes!
188. Go to a mid-night movie showing.
Is there a movie you and your spouse have been anticipating for months? If so, hire a babysitter who is willing to stay out late (or send your kids to your parents’ for the night) and purchase tickets. This is the kind of date that won’t happen often, so relish your adventurous time together!
189. Play “First Words.”
Make a list of words and write each on a slip of paper. Take turns picking one from a hat. When a word is spoken, the other person says the first word that comes to their mind when they hear it. For example, if the word on the paper I picked was, “jello”, my husband might think of a descriptive word like “red” or “jiggly”. Or maybe the first word that would pop into his mind would be “yum” or “dessert.” Then, he’d pick a new word from the hat and I would say the first word that pops into my mind. This is bound to get you talking and laughing.

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