Dating Your Spouse: 196 Activity Ideas {Week 26}

Has dating become a priority in your marriage, yet? If not, hopefully these ideas will inspire you.

176. Tackle a home project together.
Have you been wanting to re-wallpaper a room in your house? Is there painting that needs to be done? Are there upgrades you’ve been wanting to do for years but just haven’t gotten around to it? If so, why not set a date and make plans to tackle the project as a couple? It’d be easier and more convenient to hire somebody else to do it, but doing it yourselves will allow you to bond and save you money.

177. Decide on a new hobby to pursue together and start practicing.
Sit down and brainstorm various hobbies each of you might be interested in pursuing. Have you always wanted to try hiking? Perhaps you’ve both daydreamed of playing tennis, or have admired others’ collector’s items from afar and want to start your own. Perhaps you’re both interested in learning how to ballroom dance or paint or hunt. Find one that you can both agree on and set a date to start on.

178. Visit a restaurant close to home that neither of you have been to, yet.
There’s bound to be at least one restaurant you have not yet frequented with your spouse. Be a little adventurous and visit it together. You may be pleasantly surprised!

179. Offer to babysit some friends’ children and have a play-date as a couple.
Even if you already have children of your own, watching others’ kids may help you to be more intentional as you play on the playground or read books aloud or build with Legos. Plan some fun activities ahead of time and play like a child.

180. Pick a book of the Bible and start studying it together.
There is nothing more enriching to a marriage than pursuing the things of God together as a couple. Whether you are new Christians or seasoned, you will be amazed at how much more you learn when you study the Bible with your spouse.

181. Attend a live concert.
Depending on who you see and where, concerts can range in price from free to very pricey. Do some research to find out when your favorite artists will be playing nearby and save up money for tickets (if applicable). Be sure to bring earplugs (just in case it’s too loud).

182. Hire a photographer (or ask a friend) and have a photo shoot together.
Remember when you were dating you wanted to have your picture taken with your (now) spouse all the time? It seems after the wedding those photo-ops become near non-existent. Why not invest some time and money in photographs you’re bound to cherish years down the road? If you have children, make it a family event.


Let me know what date activity you decide to enjoy this week!


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