Examining the Past Year

I came across some timeless advice from Howard and William Hendricks’ book, Living by the Book that I want to pass along to you. They encouraged their readers to set aside some alone time to examine themselves and their spiritual growth every couple months. I thought the end of the year would be a very fitting time for all of us to do this very thing. Here’s what they encourage their readers to ask themselves:

What have been the three greatest challenges to my walk with the Lord during this period? How did I respond? What victories do I have to celebrate? What failures do I need to consider? What specific answers to prayer can I recall? Have I changed for the better or for the worse? In what ways? Where have I spent my time? My money? What has happened in my relationships?

Can you carve out a half hour to an hour today or tomorrow to examine how you have struggled and triumphed in the past year? Perhaps this will encourage you in unexpected ways. Or maybe it will provide the motivation you need to press on and start off the new year right.

What are you waiting for? Stop wasting time on the Internet… grab a journal, a pen, and a warm cup of tea. Find a secluded, quiet spot and ask God to reveal to you how you have changed in the past year.


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