Dating Your Spouse: 199 Activity Ideas {Week 25}

If you’ve been following my series from the beginning you probably don’t have to worry about ever getting “stuck in a rut” again when it comes to date activities. Here are 7 more unique ideas for you and your spouse!

169. Have a “crazy dinner.” Each person gets $5 (or whatever amount you decide) to spend on any food item at the grocery store for dinner. Go home and prepare your meal! You might end up with some random food!
I think this could be VERY interesting… especially if you have a husband who never cooks! It will likely give both of you something to laugh about and force you to think creatively outside the box to come up with a dinner recipe.

170. Have a coupon/gift card date. Only eat or do activities you have coupons/gift cards for. You can look online for some GREAT deals!
Groupon and LivingSocial are two great sites to look into for deals on restaurants and other fun date activities. You can also join Swagbucks [] and earn points by doing activities like polls and quick surveys and then redeem them for gift cards. Since June of 2013 I have redeemed $70 worth in gift cards! This is a great idea if you and your spouse are currently on a tight budget.

171. Mystery date: Put three or four ideas for dinner, activities, and dessert in unmarked envelopes and pick one at random each time you finish the last task.
In order to ensure you both have a good time no matter what your date ends up being, determine together what the options are for each category. Then, enjoy the anticipation as your date unfolds throughout the day/evening.

172. Draw each other’s portraits… with your non-dominant hands! Then, laugh at each other’s handy-work.
This can be fun, even if you and your spouse aren’t very “artsy.” It’s something different that is bound to make you bond and laugh. Remember, new experiences have been proven to improve couples’ relationships.

173. Play “Two Truths and a Lie” game. Get to know each other better.
Whether you’ve been married 35 years, 20 years, 12 years, 4 years, or less than 1 year, there is always something you can learn about your spouse. As soon as you get into the mentality that you know everything there is to know about each other, you lose the motivation to continue studying your spouse. This is dangerous territory. Challenge your spouse to a game or two and see if you can enlighten him about something you have never told him before.

174. Write “Book Love Letters” to one another by copying a book’s pages and blocking off words and phrases using a marker. Create a custom letter using only existing words on the page!
Either highlight the words and letters of the alphabet you want to be a part of your letter, or use a black marker to get rid of words and phrases you don’t need. Your local library may have free books that you could use (if you don’t have access to a copier). Either work separately on your letters, or write one together using one page/book. Then, read it aloud together.

175. Purchase cheese, crackers and fruit; sit on your bed, and munch on the goodies while chatting.
While “just sitting and talking” probably doesn’t appeal to most men, your husband will probably like the idea of munching on goodies. If he has a favorite snack, replace the food items mentioned above. Just be intentional as you spend quality time together (avoid entertainment of any kind).

Which of these sounds fun to you? Which do you think your spouse would enjoy?


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