Dating Your Spouse: 196 Activity Ideas {Week 24}

There are so many fun activities to enjoy through out the winter. But perhaps you’re at a loss as to how to make dating your spouse meaningful this time of year. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

162. Go sledding.
This can be something you and your spouse can enjoy with or without your children. Throw caution to the wind for an hour and become a child again! If this is a motivating factor, walking up the hill after sliding down is GREAT exercise. So skip your work-out one of these days and enjoy sledding with your spouse, instead!

163. Enjoy ice-skating together.
I think it’s been years since I ice skated- and I used to play ice hockey! My husband doesn’t skate, so we have never gone together. There’s not reason to feel intimidated on the ice rink. Just focus on having fun with your spouse. It’s an opportunity to laugh together and maybe even fall together. I guarantee it’ll be a memorable date.

164. Make Christmas cookies together.
If your spouse knows he’ll be able to snitch a cookie here and there, he may be all for this activity. Let him choose what cookies you make. Be sure to give yourselves plenty of time to bake. Go to the store together so you have all the needed ingredients beforehand. Then, play Christmas music softly in the background and enjoy one another’s company.

165. Go caroling.
You will probably want to gather a group together for this activity. Or, if you’re brave you can carol around your neighborhood with just your spouse and children. This is also a perfect opportunity to hand out invitations to your church’s Christmas Eve service. End the night with warm drinks and a children’s Christmas story.

166. During the Christmas season, take a “Light Tour”.
Depending on where you live, you may need to drive a little ways to find a neighborhood that is lit up with Christmas decorations. But if you’re able, park somewhere and take a walk to enjoy the sight of all the Christmas lights.

167. Make a list of potential baby names together.
Depending on what season you are in life, this may not be applicable to you. But for newly married couples, this is a fun activity that will get you and your spouse talking (hopefully not arguing). Even if you don’t plan on having children in the foreseeable future, the time to make this list is before you actually need it. I have friends who struggle to agree on baby names even after the child has been born. My parents couldn’t agree on a name for my youngest sister until a week after she was born! Perhaps doing this activity now will help you avoid that issue.

168. Make a 5, 10, 15 year “basic life plan”.
Where do you want to be in 5 years? What do you want your life to look like in 10 years? What do you imagine life will be like in 15 years? Daydream, muse, and talk about what you think the future holds. Then, write it down and put it somewhere so you can look back on it in the future.

What other activities do you enjoy doing this time of year?


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