Dating Your Spouse: 196 Activity Ideas {Week 23}

‘Tis the season for fun Christmas activities! Who better to enjoy Christmas traditions with than your spouse?! Be intentional about spending quality time with your spouse this year. Choose one of the fun activities below!

155. Go Christmas shopping together.
My sister and her husband recently hired a babysitter, enjoyed a quiet meal, and then tackled their shopping lists together. This would not be something my husband would particularly enjoy since shopping is one of his least favorite activities, but if your husband doesn’t mind that kind of thing, all the better for you! Growing up it was usually my mom who picked out our gifts and sometimes I’m not sure my dad knew what she had purchased us until we opened them. How special it’d be for your loved ones to know that the two of you picked out their gift(s) together as a couple.

156. Wrap gifts while listening to Christmas music.
Make your own song list on pandora or another station, settle down with some hot cocoa and cookies, and wrap gifts! If your husband doesn’t know how or doesn’t enjoy wrapping gifts, encourage him to sit and talk with you as you wrap. I did this one year with my husband and although it didn’t make his “top 10 date activities,” I enjoyed the time we spent together.

157. Pick a tree and decorate it together.
Even though Christmas is very commercialized, I still appreciate the fact many of our traditions encourage family bonding time. Purchasing a Christmas tree may have little to do with the true meaning of Christmas, but it does bring couples and families closer together. As a child I always looked forward to this family tradition. Find a way to make it especially meaningful and special for your family this year.

158. Pick a holiday tradition from another part of the world and do it together.
This may require some research, but that could be a part of your date! Here are some examples I came across: In Germany they hide a pickle in their Christmas tree and the child who finds it receives a special gift. Estonian families enjoy a sauna together on Christmas Eve. In Iceland, the children leave a shoe on their bedroom windowsill during the 12 days of Christmas and every morning they find it filled with sweets or small gifts. Have a little fun researching yourself and then try one!

159. Take a sleigh ride.
This is such a fun activity. You can go alone as a couple, bring your children, or join up with some friends. Just be sure to dress warm!

160. Make a snowman or snow fort together.
If you have children, that is the perfect excuse to play in the snow. My sister’s family made a snowman for each member of their family last winter. What a great way to bond (and as an added bonus, it’s great exercise, too)!

161. Have a snowball fight.
You have to have the right kind of snow for this, so this may not be something you can plan ahead for. Depending on how competitive your husband is, you may need to lay down some rules beforehand. Play at your own risk!

Which of these Christmas-themed dates do you plan to do this year?


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