Dating Your Spouse: 196 Activity Ideas {Week 22}

Hopefully the past posts have been helpful. This series is slowly coming to an end, but don’t stop reading- there are plenty of great date activity ideas left! Many of these will cause you to reminisce about “the good ‘ol days.”

148. Reread the letters from your dating days.
Fortunately, my husband and I wrote several letters to one another. I treasure each one. In this day and age where emailing or texting is the norm, couples miss out on such a rich form of communication. So if you have old letters, get them out and blow the dust off of them. Make a night of it, reading them aloud together.

149. Cook a multi-course meal and serve one at a time. (Appetizer, Salad/Soup, Main meal, Dessert). Ask each other questions from a prepared list during your long meal.
This will take a lot of work on your part, but if your husband cooks or is at least willing to help, this idea will be more fun. Carve out a good chunk of time to be home alone together and decide together what each course will consist of. You can even write up your list of questions together at some point before your planned date.

150. Make “Fun Loving You” lists. (Each of you write down at least 20 things you love about one another). Share your lists.
My husband agreed to do this with me and it was such a blessing. Since we’re both competitive it almost became a competition to see who could think of the most things the fastest. Hearing the things he appreciated about me was so encouraging. I think I may have even blushed at one point! I still have that list and read over it occasionally.

151. Write letters to one another that you will read 20 years from now.
You could even make an entire time capsule together. In your letter include your hopes and fears for the future, as well as all the things you love about your spouse. It would be so neat to see how you’ve changed and grown over the years. Decide ahead of time on a date to open it together.

152. Enjoy a special candlelit dinner.
I don’t think my husband and I even own an candlesticks, but I would still love to do this sometime. There’s just something about mood lighting. Add to the ambiance by playing some slow, classical music softly in the background.

153. Enjoy a bubble bath together.
I can’t remember the last time I had a bath… maybe 3 years ago? It’s not that I don’t enjoy them, I just usually want to get in and out of the shower as quickly as I can because I have other things to get done. But how romantic it’d be to draw up a sweet-smelling bubble bath for you to enjoy with your spouse! You could listen to music or read aloud from a book together. Or… use your imagination.

154. Reminisce by looking at old photos.
I used to be an avid scrapbooker. One of the last albums I did was of my senior year of high school cross country season. This also happens to be the time of my life that I met and fell in love with John. So I really enjoy pulling this “old” scrapbook out and reminiscing about our last year of high school together. He still blames me and my friends for him doing poorly in his final New England Cross Country race (we woke up late, thus not allowing for him to warm up properly). So pull out those old photos and reminisce together!

Which of these are you going to try this week?


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