Dating Your Spouse: 196 Activity Ideas {Week 21}

Is your marriage in need of a little romance? This post is especially for you! A lot of husbands need help in the romance department. That’s where you come in. Try initiating one of the ideas below and see how he responds.

141. Have a theme night. If you are in the mood for Italian, cook up some spaghetti and watch “Lady and the Tramp.”
If you can’t get out of the house for whatever reason (kids, finances, etc.), then you may as well plan a fun, cheap date right in your own living room. In the mood for Chinese, either whip up your own or get take out and watch Mulan together. You can make it as elaborate or as simple as you like using decorations, mood lighting, and or clothing attire.

142. Reserve a Bed & Breakfast for a night.
This idea will take prior planning and could get a bit pricey. But for a special anniversary it’s the perfect idea! No children to wake you up early in the morning, no home responsibilities to take care of… and delicious homemade breakfast! Take a load off your spouse and arrange for childcare and suitcase packing ahead of time.

143. Rewrite your vows to one another (use your own personal words). Then, recite them to one another.
You may have to take the initiative on this one since most husbands would choose to watch a chick-flick with you before they do an activity like this one. But if you express to him how much this would mean to you, he may be persuadable.

144. Repeat your very first date as closely as you can.
My husband drove me to a doctor’s appointment on our first date… not exactly a desirable date activity to repeat. But we also visited the waterfront and ended up at Olive Garden for dinner. Do this helps you to bond with your spouse as it brings back (hopefully) fond memories.

145. Record on video how you met and fell in love.
You can take turns in front of the camera or be filmed simultaneously. Perhaps you’ve never heard your spouse’s viewpoint on this subject (let him go first). I’ve never heard my parents’ story from my dad’s point of view, so think what a blessing this could be to share with your children down the road.

146. Read your favorite children’s books aloud to one another.
This will cause you to reminisce and perhaps lead to great conversation about your individual childhood experiences. Discuss why you like the books you chose.

147. Pick a documentary and discuss after watching it.
Okay, so this one isn’t very romantic, but very informative! If you’re not nerdy like my husband and I perhaps you’d never even consider watching a documentary together (especially on a date night). But do a little research. You’re bound to find one that peeks both of your interests.

Are any of these do-able for you and your spouse?


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