Dating Your Spouse: 196 Activity Ideas {Week 18}

Need some ideas to spice up the romance in your marriage? Choose at least one of these ideas to do with your spouse in the next couple weeks. Make reservations, hire a babysitter, and enjoy a relaxing stress-free day/night with your spouse. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you!

120. Spend time just kissing. Make a goal: 100 kisses before you go to bed.
This is probably going to spark the interest of newly weds more than anybody else. But even if you are beyond the “honeymoon” phase, this may be just the activity you need to spice things up in your marriage and get you in the mood!

121. Treat yourselves to an “aphrodisiac” dinner.
Chocolate covered strawberries, asparagus, honey-dipped bananas, almonds, and avocados, anybody? I’m sure you can get creative and make a meal that will not disappoint!

122. Have a spa night. Take turns giving each other back and/or foot massages.
Who doesn’t like massages?! Oh yeah… my husband. But I think most people enjoy them, so treat yourselves to a night of relaxing. If you have a little extra money on hand, perhaps you could get professional massages together.

123. Reserve a hotel room with a jacuzzi or hot tub.
I’ve been told hotel room jacuzzi’s are small and a disappointment, but ask and call around and perhaps you’ll find a place that is satisfactory. My husband and I rented a cabin for our honeymoon that had both a jacuzzi and a hot tub- it was well worth the investment!

124. Enjoy a carriage ride in a quaint little town.
I’ve never done this, but it sounds like a fun little adventure. Perhaps you could even get a guided tour, depending on where you are and if its available.

125. Sign up for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Seminar and attend together.
My husband and I have read two of his books out loud together and have implemented much of his advice, but we would still like to take the class together some day. So many of his concepts are countercultural, but they’re Biblical and work! Click here to find out if there are any classes being held near you!

126. Take a class together (cooking, pottery, dance, etc.).
Is there something you’ve both wanted to learn but have never pursued? Perhaps now is the time to look into taking a class together. If you keep pushing it off and waiting, it’ll probably never happen, so take the initiative to sign up for a class THIS WEEK!


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