Dating Your Spouse: 196 Activity Ideas {Week 17}

This post is filled with fall-themed activities. Who loves fall?! I do! Read on for some date inspiration!

113. Explore a flea/farmer’s market together.
Walk hand-in-hand slowly, enjoying the products from each booth. You may find some good deals or gift ideas for loved ones.

114. Go for a hayride.
This is an excuse to sit really close to your sweetheart. Make plans to enjoy hot apple cider and donuts afterward.

115. Go to a corn maze.
I would like to do this sometime, perhaps this year we will! I imagine it will be like a life-sized puzzle that you will have to work together to solve. Plus, because you’re inside the maze it will be an adventure! Just be sure to stick with your partner!

116. Purchase pumpkins and carve and/or paint them.
You can work on the same one together or purchase two and compete to see who comes out with the better looking pumpkin.

117. Visit a pumpkin farm; take one home, pull out the seeds and bake them. Then, cook the pumpkin and make delicious pumpkin recipes together.
Some of my favorite recipes use pumpkin. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins, Pumpkin pancakes, Pumpkin bread, etc. They’ll taste even better when made completely from scratch!

118. Go rock climbing.
Find an indoor gym, or if you know of a place where you can do it outside, that’s even better. Time yourselves and see who can climb the various challenges the fastest. Then, reward yourselves with a treat afterward for your workout!

119. Go to Costco/Sam’s Club and enjoy the free samples.
The best time to go for samples is usually on Friday nights or Saturdays, so plan accordingly. Depending on how many there are, you may be able to skip a meal!

I hope you carve out some time to spend with your spouse this week!

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