Dating Your Spouse: 196 Activity Ideas {Week 16}

How have you been doing in the challenge to take dating your spouse seriously? Have you grown in your marriage relationship as a result of implementing some of these ideas? If you haven’t seen any positive improvement yet, don’t give up! Here are 7 more ideas to enjoy with your spouse!

106. Go to a local thrift store. Spend no more than $10 each, purchasing items for one another.

I love to shop, but my husband does not, so we will probably never get to enjoy this activity together. But maybe both you and your spouse are shoppers. If so, this would be perfect for the two of you. Make it a game and see who can find the best bargain!

107. Have a game night marathon.
Decide on what game(s) you’re going to play and set up a talley sheet to keep track of who wins what. Some of my personal favorites that can be played with two people are: Dominion, Phase10, Scrabble, Boggle, Quirkle, San Juan, and Farkle. You can also find some fun two-person card games online.

108. Rake leaves for the elderly together.
Service projects are so much fun and even better when you can do them side-by-side with your spouse! Come up with some discussion questions to subtly ask your spouse while raking. Remember, men connect better when they are involved in an activity with you.

109. Make a pile of leaves and jump into it like children.
Note: since you are bigger than you were when you were a child, your leaf pile will need to be quite a bit larger than it used to be. Perhaps this could go hand-in-hand with number 108. See how large you can get your pile of leaves and then enjoy a few jumps before you bag them all up!

110. Go for a nature walk to enjoy the beautiful fall leaves.
Fall is my favorite time of year. My husband and I try to go for at least one nature walk each fall and I often bring along a camera to document the beauty. Do a little research to find the most scenic areas in your town, county, or state. If you don’t live in the northern states, perhaps you and your spouse could take a trip to Vermont or another equally scenic state this fall. While you’re here, be sure to purchase some pure maple syrup!

111. Buy a bunch of flowers and go to a local nursing home. Hand them out to residents and make their day!
Many of the elderly are lonely and it’d simply make their day for you to briefly visit and talk with them. But to receive a flower would probably brighten their entire week (that is if they have a good enough memory throughout the week)! My husband and I visit nursing homes at least once a month with my church and I’m always amazed at how appreciative and cheerful the residents are after you give them your undivided attention for a mere five minutes. It’s a blessing to invest in their lives for even a short period of time. If you have kids, definitely bring them along because there is nothing that brings a smile to an elderly person’s face than the sight of young children.

112. Go on a breakfast date to switch things up a bit.
Unfortunately, I can’t eat a lot of the breakfast foods that are served in restaurants, so my husband and I have yet to do this. But we both particularly love breakfast food and I do occassionally make pancakes or eggs for dinner. I have a friend who met her husband at a restaurant for brunch, as he took an early lunch to go on a date with her. If you’re unable to do that, find a babysitter for Saturday morning and enjoy a morning away from the kids.

What date idea are you going to try with your spouse this week?


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