Dating Your Spouse: 196 Activity Ideas {Week 13}

Here is yet another week’s worth of date activities you can do right at home without spending any money!

85. Make a couple’s bucket-list together.
I enjoyed doing this with my husband about a year ago. It brought up some good discussion and opened our eyes to what kinds of activities the other was interested in. We haven’t been super proactive in crossing anything off our bucket-list, yet, but making it was fun. I think every couple should do this at some point in their marriage.

86. Each of you write a few lines of a story (3-4 sentences) on separate pieces of paper, fold paper over and switch. Repeat until papers are filled.
I’ve also done this one with my husband. We had quite the stories when we had finished. You can also do this in a larger group and there is a little more variety and mystery when writing your lines.

87. Make a fort in your living room or bedroom.
I think this would be a blast, but my husband refuses to do it with me. Perhaps some day when we have kids he’ll give in. Have a little fun and be a little crazy for one night!

88. Write messages to each other using “codes”.
You would first need to determine the code for the alphabet and then write your messages. If you want to make it even more interesting, look up a recipe for invisible ink online and use it to write your notes to one another!

89. Learn to do something together by watching a YouTube video.
Last week I encouraged you to watch funny videos together, but this week determine something you’d like to learn how to do together and find a YouTube video to instruct you. Then, after you’ve watched the video, attempt to do the activity you just learned about!

90. Listen to a sermon or lecture together and discuss.
I love learning and so does my husband, so this is right up our alley. Perhaps you are going on a long trip soon. If so, find an audio book or a CD with good lectures to listen to as you travel together. Or, as I mentioned last week, combine this activity with putting together a puzzle.

91. Pick a book and take turns reading it aloud together.
This is one of my favorite things to do with my husband. Perhaps this idea is foreign to you, but most of the time books are so much better than their movie counterparts! Often my husband and I will read the book and then watch the movie based off of it (although a few times watching the movie has sparked our interest and led to us reading the book afterward). Before we were married one of my professors told me how he and his wife read books aloud together rather than watching t.v. or movies. Before then the idea had never really occurred to me. But hearing him talk inspired me to one day do the same once I was married. It’s been such a fun endeavor and has led to many a good conversation between us.

Have you been inspired? If so, plan a date night RIGHT NOW!


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