Dating Your Spouse: 196 Activity Ideas {Week 12}

Looking for some ideas in which you can spend time with your spouse right in the comfort of your own home? If so, read on! These ideas can be implemented while the kids are upstairs in bed!

78. Look up a new card game online and play each other.
My husband and I did this and we actually found a couple really fun and different card games. For a while we kept track of who won, but when his tallies started to far outnumber mine I put a stop to it! If you have a deck of cards, this won’t cost you anything and you don’t have to leave your own living room or dining room! You’re bound to have good conversation or at least laugh as you enjoy friendly competition with your spouse.

79. Do MadLibs together (better yet, make up your own!).
You can find MadLibs books at most drug stores for under $3.00. This could keep you occupied all night long! It will get your creative juices flowing as you think of random words and will likely keep the two of you laughing as you read the stories aloud.

80. Play “family feud” free online.
I’ve done this alone with my husband and in a larger group with siblings and their spouses. It’s free and it’s fun! All you need is a computer and Internet access. This will build you and your spouses’ teamwork skills as you race against the clock and work together to come up with correct answers.

81. Watch funny YouTube videos.
Need a good laugh? Find the funniest videos on YouTube and enjoy them with your spouse. Laughing together helps you bond and relieves stress.

82. Read jokes and/or comics together.
If you decide to do activity number 81 above, do this one on the same night! Make it a comical date night. My husband and I want to have a date like this, but have yet to set a date. This is yet another free date activity that you can enjoy within the four walls of your own home. Remember, laughter is GREAT medicine!

83. Have a coloring contest.
Sometimes it’s just fun to go back to your childhood days and color from an old-fashioned coloring book. You could also find free coloring pages online and print them out. If you plan to have a contest, coloring the same picture would be ideal.

84. Put a puzzle together.
My husband usually have at least one puzzle going year-round. Right now we have one set up in my sewing and craft room that we started at the beginning of the summer. Obviously we don’t work on it every day, but when we do we often listen to music or a sermon or lecture that we’re both interested in. Putting puzzles together is highly enjoyable and relaxing- I recommend it!

So now you have no excuse not to have a date night, even if you have no money and are unable to leave home! I hope these have been a help!


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