Dating Your Spouse: 196 Activity Ideas {Week 10}

We’re nearing my favorite time of the year! I love fall! It’s not too hot or too cold. There’s still so much to do while enjoying the outdoors. Here is week 10’s list of date activities. I hope you’re inspired!

64. Rent a tandem bike for a couple hours.
I’ve always wanted to do this. A part of me is frightened of falling off, but it would be such a cool adventure! It would especially be fun in a large city or in a particularly scenic area.

65. Fly a kite.
I just recently did this with my three-year-old nephew and we had so much fun! I don’t think kites are very expensive and all you need is a big open space and a little wind to make it happen. It reminds me of the old song, “Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height. Up where the air is clear, up to the atmosphere…”

66. Rent a paddleboat.
My husband and I did this with my parents one summer. Having two men in the boat made it possible for me to skip a turn rowing, so it was great fun for me! Rowing can be hard work, but it’s great exercise and even better with good company!

67. Go horseback riding.
Everybody should experience this at least once in their lives. Don’t you find it so romantic when you see couples riding side-by-side in the movies? Well, don’t have too high of expectations, but I’m sure it would be enjoyable.

68. Release your inner child and break out a slip-n-slide!
Don’t own one? No worries! My siblings and I made our own growing up with an old tarp, water hose and dish soap! It was such a blast! This is one of those activities you could do with or without kids, too!

69. Rent or borrow a two-person kayak for an afternoon.
Kayaking is even more fun than canoeing in my humble opinion. Perhaps because it’s easier to paddle and feels less “tipsy.”

70. Make smoothies and/or milkshakes together and discuss your all-time favorite movies, books, food, etc.
My husband and I have smoothies fairly often, so it wouldn’t necessarily be a treat on a date night. But we’ve only made milkshakes once in our four years of marriage. It was memorable, delicious, and fun! If you need to, come up with questions to get discussion going ahead of time, but don’t be discouraged if he doesn’t open up right away. Remember, men are more likely to open when they’re involved in an activity while talking.

Don’t wait to implement these ideas!


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