Dating Your Spouse: 196 Activity Ideas {Week 7}

Author and psychologist Les Parrott says men and women have different ideas as to what is fun and how they prefer to bond. “Intimacy and friendship for a man is built on shared activity… He’s disappointed because she’ll never go to a game or golfing, and it’s during shared activities that his spirit is most likely to open up.” Keep this in mind as you plan your next date.

43. Go camping (even if it is in your own backyard).
If possible, start a fire and cook hot dogs and marshmallow s’mores. My favorite memories growing up include camping. Something always went wrong (the tent leaked, the tarp caught on fire, etc.), but it was those very experiences that knit our family close together. We laugh about all of the mishaps today and enjoy reminiscing together. Create memories with your spouse by going camping!

44. Favorite things date: make a list of the things you both love and try to incorporate as many of them as possible into the date.
In light of Les Parrott’s words, focus more on HIS favorite things. You may surprise yourself by enjoying some of the activities he chooses. Plus, if the activity really does open him up, you’ll get the conversation and closeness to him that you desire. It’s a win-win!

45. Shoot hoops together. Play PIG or a similar game.
I think men enjoy being competitive with their wives. Playing games like this encourage teasing and laughter and the more of the latter you experience together, the more oxytocin is released into your brain, and thus the more you bond as a couple. I challenged my husband to a round of “HORSE” a couple weeks ago. He only received an “H”. Needless to say, he beat me.(Note: I only played basketball one year before quitting for ice hockey, but he has years of experience and still enjoys pick-up basketball once a week). It was still fun and an opportunity for him to give me a few pointers on my shooting.

46. Rent a canoe and spend a few hours alone out on the lake.
This is a peaceful and conversation-generating activity. He’ll be kept busy paddling and you will have the satisfaction of having his undivided attention.

47. Go see a Drive-in movie.
My husband and I finally did this! We’ve been together for 6 years (married for 4) and had yet to go to the drive-in, but I convinced him to take me a few weeks ago! (We saw “Minions” and “Avengers,” though my husband fell asleep during the second movie.) Regardless, now I can cross it off our bucket-list! Make your own popcorn, purchase soft drinks ahead of time, and sit back and enjoy the show!

48. Go for a jog or train for a 5k together.
This is a perfect shared experience. My husband was a championship runner in high school, so I can’t even begin to keep up with him, but he warms up, stretches, and cools down with me. I’m satisfied with that. We hold each other accountable and keep each other motivated. Exercise releases endorphins, so you’ll both be in a better mood after participating in this activity.

49. Go on a mini-road trip, about an hour from home and spend the day together.
Get out your map and choose the spots you’d like to visit. Take the scenic route, pack snacks and drinks, and enjoy each others company through out the long drive.

Did any of these inspire you?


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