Dating Your Spouse: 196 Activity Ideas {Week 6}

Did I convince you of the importance of setting aside time to have fun with your spouse last week? The same study I mentioned last week also showed that not all activities are created equal. In other words, activities like watching t.v. or using the Internet don’t foster positive connections between couples the way other activities do. So if you claim that watching your favorite t.v. show together is “good enough,” you’re only fooling yourself and hurting your marriage. Try one of my ideas below, instead!

36. Make plans to spend a full morning in bed together: breakfast, read a book, cuddle, give and receive massages, etc.
This won’t be possible at home if you have young children, but you could plan an overnight stay somewhere with the intention of spending the morning lounging and relaxing together. Try to avoid the television. There are so many other fun things you could do: play board or card games, talk, read corny jokes aloud together… be creative! Just a couple weeks ago my husband and I spontaneously stayed in bed an hour longer than we both had planned on a Saturday morning. It was refreshing to just cuddle and talk rather than rushing to start the day.

37. Create something with Paper Mache.
This is a hands-on activity that will allow you to talk as you create. Men prefer activities in which they are working side-by-side with their mate, so once you convince him to do it, he’ll likely enjoy it more than he initially thinks he will.

38. Dress up in your fanciest clothes and order dessert at a nice restaurant.
This could even be an opportunity to wear your wedding dress again (if it still fits…). It’s fun to dress up once in a while and you’re sure to turn heads.

39. Grab a takeout dinner and eat in an odd or random place like a train station, playground, or the pitcher’s mound of a baseball field.
A change of scenery is sure to help stimulate conversation between the two of you. You could even pack your own picnic basket rather than ordering take-out.

40. Go to the driving range.
If your spouse enjoys golf, he may jump at this idea. But even if he has never played, it could be something you both experience together for the first time.

41. Visit yard sales.
Last week I offered the idea of having a garage sale scavenger hunt. If you didn’t like that idea, perhaps just simply browsing local sales to find good deals may be more appealing. I’d still write down what you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to spend, otherwise you may come home with items you didn’t need and likely will never use.

42. Go to a botanical garden.
This is a unique experience that will leave you in awe of God’s creation. Be sure to bring your camera!

Which of these do you hope to do this week?


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