Dating Your Spouse: 196 Activity Ideas {Week 5}

Apparently, in the last 20  years the percentage of couples who claim they “almost always” share various activities with their spouse has declined. A long-term study done at the University at Denver showed that couples who enjoy new and exciting activities together consistently have better relationships than those who do not. What further evidence or motivation do you need to start planning your next date? See the ideas I’ve listed below (and check out the other posts from this series)…

29. Play a childhood game like Candyland, monopoly, Clue, or Life.
Don’t be afraid to let out your inner child! You should be able to have fun with your spouse and this activity will allow you both to reminisce about childhood and bond as a couple.

30. Go on a garage sale scavenger hunt.
Write down a list of random items that you’d like to look for at garage sales (it can be stuff you actually would like to purchase or just silly items). Then, hop in a car and find local sales in which you can hunt for the items on your list. Check the items off your list as you find them (you could even take a picture with each find to make it even more interesting or fun).

31. Enjoy Go-Karts together.
This is something new and different that every couple should try. New experiences shared together have been proven to increase a couple’s bonding. Plus, this is an activity your husband is sure to enjoy! My husband and I were given a gift card for our local “Speedway” so we decided to use it on our anniversary this year. I was a little skeptical that it’d be something I would enjoy, but it really was a blast. It was my first time driving a go-kart and it turned out to be super entertaining. Both my husband and I were impressed and agreed that we’ll have to go again sometime. I highly recommend this date activity!!

32. Have a slumber party and sleep in a different room in your own home.
If you have a guest bedroom, this is easy. Another option is sleeping on a pull-out couch or creating a make-shift bed on the floor somewhere. Change things up a bit!

33. Go out for dinner and request to be seated outside.
Obviously, not every restaurant has this option, but find one that does and enjoy dining under the stars. How romantic!

34. Rent a cabin for the weekend.
This will cost more than the typical date and will require planning ahead. I’ve read many marriage books and many authors encourage the same thing: get away at least once a year for a private, overnight stay with your spouse. Perhaps a day or two break from your daily routines is exactly what your marriage needs. I’ve already begun saving up for a special get-away with my husband for our 5th year anniversary approaching next summer.

35. Play hide-and-seek in the dark.
This could even be done with your children. Seeing each other smile and laugh and interact with your kids is sure to stir up positive emotions toward one another.

Which of these are you going to try in the next week?


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