Dating Your Spouse: 196 Activity Ideas {Week 4}

Below I wrote out ideas 22-28 out of 196 date activities to do with your spouse. Several of them could be done all in one day (if you have a full day to spend together). Enjoy!

22. Make finger foods for dinner and feed each other.
No feeding yourself aloud! You may learn some interesting facts about the way your spouse eats meals. Do they mix foods on their fork? Perhaps they drink throughout their meal and you find them asking you often if you want a sip. Or maybe they finish one part of their meal before going to the next food item. This could lead to some interesting discussion, afterward.

23. Blackout night: turn off all cellphones, computers, lights, etc. and spend the entire evening using only candlelight.
Some of you may be thinking to yourselves… no electricity? What would we do? You could still play games and depending on how much light your candles give off, you could attempt to read aloud together. Get creative and enjoy a night free of electronic distractions.

24. Write a list together of 101 things you are thankful for.
Did you know thankfulness actually strengthens your cerebellum (the part of your brain that plays a part in motor control, decision making, etc.)? So you could strengthen your marriage while fortifying your brain at the same time!

25. Put down the shades, lock the doors and have a “naked” night. Whatever activities you do, do them in the nude all night long!
Probably best for couples without any children at home, though if you lock yourselves in your own bedroom for the night it’d work out fine. I guarantee your husband will love this idea… or at least the part where you remain naked all night long.

26. Go skinny-dipping (just try it) at night together.
This is certainly an experience you’ll probably never forget… just make sure the location is in a secluded spot and that you have towels nearby to cover up with afterward.

27. Enjoy a campfire and make s’mores.
I love the smell of campfire, probably because it makes me reminisce about camping with my family growing up. There’s something about campfires that relax you and leave you with fond memories. S’mores are an added bonus! If either of you are musical, pull out a guitar and sing together.

28. Visit a waterfall.
If you or your spouse enjoy photography, this would be a great date activity. What’s better than fresh air, good company, and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation? If you have to hike a ways to get there, bring along a picnic lunch to enjoy. You might even consider wearing bathing suits and taking a swim if the possibility arises.

What is your favorite idea from above?


Let me know what you think

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