Dating Your Spouse: 196 Activity Ideas {Week 3}

Were you inspired by any of the date activities I mentioned last week? If not,  hopefully this week’s list will help. Make dating your spouse a priority starting today!

15. Sit on the porch and just talk.
If it’s a warm evening, whip up some tasty smoothies or milk shakes and sip on them while chatting. This is something you can do even while the kids are home, after you put them to bed.

16. Make a time capsule.
There are lots of creative ideas for time capsules on pinterest. Decide what you want to put in yours and create it together as a couple. Before you finish, agree on when you want to open it and look inside at its contents. (Note: this might be a cute idea for younger couples to make in order to open together on their 50th wedding anniversary).

17. Play “strip” games (loser strips piece of clothing of winner’s choice after/during game).
Obviously, if you have children you’ll have to do it when they’re in bed and ideally lock your bedroom door. My husband and I played this on our honeymoon with Boggle (a great way to make your competitive husband even more competitive!). Every time either of us lost a round, we’d take off a piece of clothing the other chose.

18. Make a scavenger hunt for your spouse.
This will take time and creativity, but it’d be a great idea for a special occasion (birthday or anniversary). Make it as easy or difficult as you desire and be sure the “treasure” at the end of the hunt is well worth it!

19. Watch a parade together.
This can be done with or without children and is a cheap way to spend time together while being entertained.

20. Go to the circus.
This may be a little more costly, so you’ll have to work it into your budget, but it could be a fun investment.

21. Enjoy the fireworks together.
Can it get any more romantic than that? Bring along a picnic blanket and something to snack on while you cuddle up together and watch the show.

What date activity do you plan to enjoy with your husband on your next date?


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