Dating Your Spouse: 196 Activity Ideas {Week 2}

Here are 7 more ideas of how you can spend some quality time with your spouse on your next date. Why not schedule a date for this coming week? What are you waiting for?!

8. Create your own city tour, and visit historic landmarks.
You and your spouse could do the research together, decide where to visit, and then enjoy your planned adventure with one another! End your tour by stopping for some ice cream!

9. Have a culturally themed date where you serve traditional food and learn about another culture. Take time to pray for the specific country.
This is something I’d love to do but haven’t gotten around to it, yet. If you’ve done it or plan to, let me know how it goes! Is there a country you’d like to visit some day? Or perhaps there is one you’ve never even heard of. It might be fun to learn about this nation as a couple. If you have kids, you could even include them in this activity. After the kids are in bed, spend some time talking to your husband about what you learned.

10. Attend an amateur comedy show.
It’s important to laugh with your spouse, so what better way to encourage laughter than to attend a comedy show? Just look into the comedian ahead of time to make sure they’re not vulgar.

11. Attend a karaoke night.
If you’re brave and your spouse agrees to it, this could be a fun way to spice things up a bit in your marriage. You’ll be sure to laugh at each other (and hopefully you’re able to laugh at yourself) and have much to talk about, later.

12. Go mini-golfing.
This is so much fun! If you haven’t done this with your spouse yet, you should definitely try it. You could even add to it by deciding ahead of time that for every put each of you has to take, one question asked by the other person has to be answered by the putter. If you’re husband is like mine, this would be a BIG motivator for him to sink the ball quickly every single time.

13. Go rollerblading together.
This is one of those activities where it doesn’t really matter how much or little experience you’ve had. It’s something different and most likely it’ll give you “excuses” to initiate physical touch throughout the night, since keeping your balance may prove to be a challenge.

14. Go to a Coffee shop and bring your own game(s). Sit and play together as you enjoy drinks.
I’ve yet to do this, but I’ve told my husband we’re going to… soon. If you and your husband are coffee lovers, this is the perfect date for you. You’ve probably had a coffee date or two, but next time, bring a favorite game along to enjoy together.

Which of these activities have you enjoyed doing with your spouse in the past? Are you interested in trying any of these ideas? What might your husband enjoy?


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