Dating Your Spouse: 196 Activity Ideas {Week 1}

Have you and your spouse gotten into a rut when it comes to “date night”? Maybe it’s been months since your last date or maybe you “date” regularly but do the same old thing: dinner and a movie. There’s nothing wrong with a dinner and movie date, but it’s good to switch things up a bit. So, I’ve decided to help you out a bit. This is the first of 28 posts, all filled with ideas for you and your spouse to spend fun, quality time together. Many of these ideas can be done right at home, others will take a little more planning and money. I hope these are helpful for you!

1. Have a nighttime picnic in your backyard.
This takes relatively little planning and can be done after your kiddos are put in bed. Of course, it’s ideal if you live in a place with relatively few mosquitoes, but don’t let that stop you- prepare ahead of time with mosquito repellent. You can make your picnic as fancy or as casual as you desire. Just make sure you serve something your husband enjoys eating.

2. Go on a picture date. Make a list of items/places to take pictures of (with one of you in it) and hit up each spot.
This could be like a scavenger hunt of sorts. You could even time yourselves to see how quickly you can check each spot off your list. You can either choose spots within two miles walking distance, or you can spread the places out so you have time to spend in the car with one another on the way to each destination. Be creative and have fun!

3. Have a water balloon fight.
It’s important for couples to be able to have fun and laugh together. I bet you flirted with your husband all the time before and during your dating days. You welcomed such activities like this where you had an excuse to be chased by your now husband. Take the initiative to plan such an activity for the two of you to enjoy.

4. Play croquet and/or botchie ball.
I love these games! It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend quality time with your spouse at the same time. It’s easy for us to get into the habit of relaxing on the couch rather than enjoying the beautiful summer weather, but make the effort to get outside and play a game together this week.

5. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
This may be a bit more costly, but I bet it would be an experience the two of you would never forget. Do a little research and talk to your spouse about whether or not he’d be interested in trying it.

6. Go tubing down a river together.
Remember how adventurous you were when you were younger? Why not pursue an adventuresome activity such as this with your spouse? It’ll be sure to give you something to talk and reminisce about afterward.

7. Go for a walk on the beach (without shoes).
Show affection by holding his hand as you walk and talk. My husband and I take walks often, but we don’t live very close to any beaches, so a change in scenery is just one way to “switch things up a bit.” Perhaps you do live close to a beach and you already walk on the shore with your husband often. If that is the case, find a new destination to keep things fresh in your relationship.

Show this list to your husband and find out what he’d be interested in/willing to try! Let me know how it goes!


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