Nuts are known for their high fat content, but don’t shun them for this reason- nuts contain healthy fats that merely need to eaten in small proportions. Despite the fact nuts are high in fat, the compounds contained in nuts can help to prevent cancer and heart disease. In fact, eating them one to four times a week reduces your chance of dying from heart disease by 25 percent and those who ate nuts five or more times a week reduced their risk by 50 percent! One-third cup of either almonds or walnuts contains about 40 percent of the Daily Value (DV) or vitamin E, far more than any other food (except oils). Nuts are a good snack choice since they are packed full of protein and fiber. Peanuts, though technically fall into the legume family, contain the most protein of all nuts. Almonds and pistachios contain the highest levels of fiber.

At the Market
-Buy in bulk to save money.
-Purchase raw, whole nuts for a longer shelf-life.

In the Kitchen
-Don’t eat more than a handful or two of nuts daily, especially if you are currently overweight.
-Did you know you can make your own peanut butter? Just purchase roasted peanuts (or roast them yourself) and place in a blender, pureeing until the peanut butter arrives at your desired consistency. (Note: Many people add oil, but it may not be necessary, depending on your blender). Store in the refrigerator for up to 3 or 4 months.
-If you don’t want rotten or stale nuts, store away from heat, light, moisture and air.
-Nuts are best stored at room temperature for about 3 months, in the refrigerator for up to 6 months, and in the freezer for over a year. (Note: raw nuts become rancid faster than roasted nuts).
-In addition to storing excess nuts in the freezer, you can also store nut meal/flour in the freezer.
-Use nuts to make your own dairy-free milk and/or meal/flours.

My Go-To Recipe

Homemade Trail Mix

3 c mixed nuts
1 c dried fruit
1 c seeds

Other optional additions:
Chocolate chips


Mix all the ingredients in a plastic bag or container. (Don’t fill to the brim so you are able to mix the contents by shaking). Store sealed trail mix at room temperature.

What is your favorite way to eat or bake with nuts?


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