56 Ways to Show Love to Your Spouse (Part 8)

You’ve made it! Here is the final post of my 8 part series on “56 Ways to Show Love to Your Spouse”! Hopefully you have been putting many of these ideas to practice and have seen improvements in your relationship to your husband. I’d love to hear about it! Without further ado, here are ideas #50-#56.

50. Make a video of all your pictures taken together.
Set the video to a special song you both share and plan a date to watch it together.

51. Tell him you like him.
Saying “I love you” and “I like you” are two distinct things. Have you ever heard the phrase, “I love you but I just don’t like you right now”? It’s important your spouse knows you both love him and like him.

52. Sit on his lap.
This is one of my favorite things to do when I first wake up in the morning. My husband is usually in our office in his computer chair when I get out of bed in the morning, so I often find him and cuddle on his lap for a minute or so while we say our hellos. It’s such a refreshing way to start off the day.

53. When he asks you to do something differently, take note and submit in that area.
Perhaps it’s only a matter of taste and you haven’t necessarily done anything wrong. Whatever it is, your motive should be to please your husband. So be aware of any constructive criticism from your husband and make an effort to change in whatever area he has suggested.

54. Make him homemade cookies while he’s at work.
Walking through the door with the smell of freshly baked cookies is wonderful, but then to snack on one or two (before dinner!) is even better! What a treat it would be for your husband. (Note: if your husband is trying to watch his diet, perhaps you can find a healthier alternative that will still satisfy his sweet tooth).

55. Ask him what his top 3 household task priorities are, and try to meet these daily.
I don’t have children yet and I only work outside the home part-time, but sometimes it can still be difficult to keep up with the household chores. To take the stress off of myself, I asked my husband this very question and try hard to keep the dishes cleaned, clothes washed, and bathrooms spick and span. If those three things are done, my husband says he’s satisfied, therefore, I can relax if I don’t get around to sweeping the floors or dusting the furniture or vacuuming our rugs. Try it this week!

56. If you and your spouse are trying to save money, next time you’re tempted to buy something you don’t need, pass it up in order to please your spouse.
This is something your husband may not necessarily ever know about (unless you tell him), but it speaks volumes when he sees you actively trying to save money and stick to your budget.

What ways do you plan to show love to your spouse in the coming week?


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