56 Ways to Show Love to Your Spouse (Part 7)

I hope you have practiced many of the ideas I’ve suggested in the past few weeks. There are countless ways to show your husband that you love him, but I’ve picked out my favorites to share with you. Remember, love is a verb. Make sure that when you say “I love you,” it is backed up with loving actions.

43. Stop by his office for lunch.
Arrange for a babysitter and surprise him during his lunch break. Or you could make plans together to meet at a restaurant during his break. Mix things up and have a date right in the middle of the day rather than at night when you’re bound to be more tired.

44. Make sex a priority.
According to Willard F. Harley Jr., author of His Needs, Her Needs, for the majority of men, sex is their greatest need. If your husband gave you the same amount of affection as the amount of intimacy you two share (no more, no less), would you feel satisfied in your marriage? To our men, sex is like the affection we crave within our marriage. The two go hand-in-hand, but let’s take the initiative to keep our husbands satisfied sexually. It’s a privilege to be intimate with our mates, so let’s act like it!

45. Make yourself attractive for your husband.
Another top need for your husband is that you look attractive. Yes, he should love you just the way you are and yes, ultimately inner beauty is more important, but for many men, this is a legitimate need that many wives overlook. If eating healthy and exercising three times a week will make your spouse feel loved, isn’t it worth the effort? I guarantee he too will make sacrifices (financial, child duty, etc.) to help you in your pursuit to get in shape if your appearance is indeed important to him. It’s tempting for wives to get into the mindset that it’s acceptable to look frumpy around your husband since he loves you no matter what, but shouldn’t you desire to look your best for your spouse above everybody else? This week, try to make the effort to dress more attractively, style your hair a bit, and perhaps apply a little make-up in order to look nice when your husband comes home from work. See if he notices or compliments you at all.

46. Give him a massage.
This is not something I do for my husband since he doesn’t like them, but if your husband enjoys receiving massages as much as I do, offer to give him one this week.

47. Take note of a chore he dreads and do it for him.
Perhaps it’s taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, or something else. You know what he complains about and how you can best bless him. Do it this week without expecting him to do anything for you in return.

48. Unplug your technology & give him undivided attention.
This includes your phone or kindle! When he talks to you this week, give him eye contact and really listen. Doesn’t it feel great when somebody completely turns away from something they had been working on to give you undivided attention? Yet, when you try to hold a conversation with somebody while they’re distracted with other things, it can be very frustrating. Don’t do the latter, but implement the former this week!

49. Slow dance in your living room.
Perhaps you have a special song you consider to be “yours.” Play it in the background and replay your first dance as husband and wife.

Which of these ideas challenge you? What do you plan to try this week? Join me next week for the final post of my 8 part series, “56 Ways to Show Love to Your Spouse.”


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