56 Ways to Show Love to Your Spouse (Part 6)

How have you been doing with showing love to your husband? Has he responded in ways you expected? Perhaps it’s been more difficult than you expected? Hopefully the ideas I’ve already shared have been helpful. Here are seven more ways to practically love your husband. If you missed any of my series, see Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, or Part 5 here.

36. Leave him a gift on his pillow.
It can be large, small, inexpensive, or costly. Whatever you know your husband will appreciate, bless him with it this week.

37. Wash, vacuum, and/or fill up his car with gas.
I recently vacuumed out our car (it was long overdue!) and my husband really appreciated it. Maybe your husband is mainly responsible for your vehicles, if so, what a blessing you could be to him by taking care of your vehicle’s maintenance for once!

38. Purchase some lingerie and model it for him.
Perhaps it’s been years since you’ve worn lingerie, much less purchased some. I guarantee it’s an investment your husband won’t complain about (as long as you wear it often enough)!

39. Write down the top 52 reasons why you love him on separate pieces of paper and place them in a decorated jar as a gift.
This is a gift that requires a little creativity, but mostly time (to write out all the reasons you love him). This is something he can keep and continually go back to whenever he’s had a difficult day. It’s also good for you to remind yourself of all the reasons you love your husband (since we all have days when we don’t necessarily “feel” love toward them).

40. Buy a journal and write love notes back and forth to each other.
I know a couple who does this and it’s so sweet! I did a version of this with my mom for awhile. It’s just another way to connect with your husband and it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. Your entries can be a mere sentence long if you like- do whatever you want with it!

41. Take note of what he complains about and if possible, do something to please him in this area.
This takes some intentionality, as we often overlook the things our spouses are displeased about. But in the next couple weeks pay close attention to what bugs him (whether it has to do with you or not), and spend some time thinking about how you could lessen his annoyance or discomfort.

42. Learn to enjoy something he loves.
I’ve been reading about how one of the greatest needs of a man is to engage in activities he enjoys with his wife. Does your husband play golf? Why not take a few lessens so you can join him every once in a while (or better yet, have him teach you)? Does your husband have a favorite board game? Initiate a game night. Does he like to hike? If so, suggest a climb and picnic lunch for your next date. Whatever your husband enjoys, find a way to get involved so you can enjoy it together.

How did you like this week’s ideas? Is there anything you plan to implement? See this series’ past posts here if you missed them: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5. Let me know what you think!


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