56 Ways to Show Love to Your Spouse (Part 3)

This post is a continuation of my 8 part series. If you missed the last couple posts, go to Part 1 or Part 2.

15. Find ways to uplift him on a difficult day.
Everybody has difficult days and you know best how to uplift your spouse. A kind word? Ice cream? An invitation to spend an uninterrupted evening watching sports? Intimacy? Whatever it is, try to implement it. But most importantly, pray for your spouse in the midst of his hardship.

16. Tell him he’s your hero.
Little boys like to pretend that they are a hero, saving a “damsel in distress.” I doubt they lose that longing as they grow into men. If that is the case, calling your spouse your hero will boost their ego through the roof!

17. Thank him for working so hard.
Everybody wants to be appreciated and for a lot of men, their sense of self-worth is tied to their work. So rather than burdening him with constant talk about bills and how tight finances are, focus on building him up. He needs to know his efforts are noticed and that you are grateful for what he does to support you.

18. Tell him you respect him and list the reasons why.
According to Emmerson Eggerichs, respect is to men as love is to women. Just as we women need to hear the words “I love you,” from our spouse, our husbands need to hear the words “I respect you” from us.

19. Discover something new together (restaurant, park, museum, game, activity, etc.).
Often we resort back to the same restaurants, games, etc. month after month. But in your dating days didn’t you do a variety of activities and visit different restaurants? Wasn’t that a part of what made the dating days so much fun? Yes, it’s nice to have familiarity in our marriages, but we also need something new and fresh every once in a while. You just might be amazed at how much your relationship can grow just by trying something new together.

20. Reach out to show your intent, then let him grab your hand.
When was the last time you held hands with your spouse? Don’t you find yourself admiring old couples who still hold hands? Don’t you want to have a relationship like that? It still melts me every time my husband reaches over to grab my hand in the car or during a walk. So make the effort to hold your spouse’s hand again, today.

21. Write 50+ single words on pieces of paper describing his best attributes.
This will take a little more time, but it’s good to remind yourself of all of his good qualities, as well. The longer you are married, the easier it is to focus on your spouse’s flaws and faults. Counter the negative by looking at all the qualities you appreciate about your spouse.

Do you like any of these ideas? If you missed the last couple weeks, see Part 1 and Part 2. Join me next week for Part 4!


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