56 Ways to Show Love to Your Spouse (Part 2)

Despite what our culture thinks, love is not a feeling. Love is commitment and it is shown through our daily actions. So here are some more ways to practically show love to your spouse in the coming week. Did you miss last week’s post? If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, go here.

8. Kiss like you mean it each morning.
It is too easy to get into the rut of giving each other a quick peck as you part ways in the morning. Try to break this habit and spend three extra seconds communicating through your kiss how much you love your spouse.

9. Send him a quick text to let him know you’re thinking about him.
It’s nice to know somebody is thinking about you. Have you ever been on the receiving end of a kind note or word in the midst of a really difficult day? If you have, you know how much a simple text or email could brighten your spouse’s day.

10. Remind him how happy you are to see him when he walks through the door.
Instead of bombarding him with all your frustrations and problems of the day, greet him warmly. I’ve heard of one wife who gets all the kids excited when daddy gets home and they all run to the door to greet him excitedly. Contrast that with another family where the husband complains that the only one happy to see him when he gets home is the dog. What kind of response do you give your husband when he returns home from work?

11. Tape a sticky note to his steering wheel that says, “I think you are a great husband.”
If your husband’s love language is words of affirmation, this will really fill his love tank. But even if it isn’t, what husband wouldn’t want to be told this?

12. Compliment his physical attributes.
As the two of you grow older together, you spouse wants to know that you still find him attractive. What physical attributes first caught your attention? His eyes? His muscles? Legs? Perhaps he’s gained a bit or weight or lost some hair- these things are inevitable. But I’m sure there are some things that haven’t changed; vocalize the things that you like about him.

13. Ask him about his interests and listen, even if it doesn’t interest you.
My husband and I enjoy taking walks together. Usually our best conversations develop on these walks. There have been several long walks in which I allowed my husband to do most the talking (usually subjects I don’t have a particular interest in but I know matter a lot to him). Afterward, he has thanked me for letting him talk out the various ideas rolling through his mind. Try to listen without passing judgment, giving your own opinions, or offering advice (unless he asks for it). If you make a habit of this, he will probably start to open up more, feeling safe to share what is on his mind.

14. Celebrate his accomplishments in special ways (date night, love note, dessert, etc.).
Even if your spouse isn’t the type to celebrate even his own birthday, you can take the initiative and make a special meal or dessert, rejoicing over his accomplishment. He may think you are being silly, but inwardly he’ll be beaming.

Do you already do some of these things? What ones do you need to start implementing? If you liked this post, join me next Monday for Part 3 of my 8 part series: “56 Ways to Show Love to Your Spouse”. If you missed Part 1, go here.


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