14 Ways to Seek God as a Couple (Part 2)

Did you implement any of the ideas I gave last week on how to seek God with your spouse? If you missed it, go here. Below are 7 more ideas on how to grow spiritually with your spouse.

8. Go to a Nursing Home together and spend time with the residents.
Our church provides us with this opportunity at least once a month. If you have children, I cannot encourage you enough to take advantage of any opportunity you get to do this. The residents love to see children. Nothing lights up their faces more.

9. Get involved with a children’s ministry as a couple.
I don’t believe there is a shortage of the need for children’s ministry volunteers anywhere. Whether you volunteer as a VBS helper, children’s church teacher, Sunday School teacher, nursery worker, or even as a babysitter, all are worthwhile and will deeply bless you as a couple.

10. Attend your church’s weekly prayer meeting.
This should be a couples’ top priority if they claim to have a God-centered marriage. Prayer is vital to our walks with Him and is the greatest use of our time as Christians. Plus, one’s heart is stirred and encouraged when believers gather to call upon His name and see His answers to prayer.

11. Memorize three verses a week together.
This is something I want to do with my husband. I memorize Scripture on my own, but I think it would be easier if I had someone holding me accountable and motivating me to keep at it. How neat would it be for you to have an entire book of the Bible memorized together?

12. Spend time singing worship songs together (Whether either of you are musical or not).
Borrow a church hymn book sometime and sing your favorites together. Or, find your favorite worship songs on YouTube and sing along with them. If either of you play an instrument, use your talent to praise the One who died for you and rose again.

13. Choose a country and have a themed dinner. Afterward, spend time praying for the needs of that particular country.
For example, if you choose Mexico, make a Mexican meal, decorate the table with their flag’s colors, find a couple cultural customs and either talk about them or practice them while enjoying a meal together. This is something I’d like to do when we have children. It’s an opportunity to learn about other cultures and to be faithful in praying for others around the world.

14. Go on a short-term mission trip together.
This may cost some extra money, but what a blessing it will be to your marriage and spiritual life. There is no greater thing than serving God side-by-side with your spouse.

What other things have you done with your spouse to draw closer to Christ together? To review the first 7 ways I mentioned to seek God as a couple, go here.

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